Communication is another important key in knowing your child. It is passing information between two or more people. It is a two way thing; you listen and talk. 

Good communication between you and your child is important for developing a positive relationship. It improves your bond with your children and encourages them to listen to you.
When your relationship with your child(ren) is positively established, it brings about healthy communication and a healthy communication brings about a warm and loving connection.

Good communication with children is about encouraging them to talk to you so they can tell you what they feel and think regardless of their age. By so doing, it improves their self confidence and mutual respect. Listening to your child(ren) is as important as what you say to them. Some of our parents don’t listen most time which could be as a result of tiredness, busy schedule, family issues, financial issue e.t.c. notwithstanding when we model good communication skills, our children will learn it from us.

When good communication is developed and maintain between parents and thier kids, when your child(ren) gets older, it will be easier for you to talk  to them about things like alcohol, sex, drugs and other related matters. etc. 

Good communication with children involves listening well and talking in ways that encourage your child to listen to you as well. It’s like any other skill – you get better with practice. 

Good communication with your child should start early. It helps in setting your child up for strong respectful relationship and to learn to ask for help when the need arise. 
Talking together and discussing everyday things build connection and trust between parents and their kids which you can achieve using relaxed time. For example: while playing game together or while cooking in the kitchen.

Taking the time to consider the ways you communicate with your children now can help you improve your overall relationship. Parents, who think out loud with their children, will see them develop a similar trend of thought. They will learn to talk and think in a more sophisticated way.
As parents, we should be a role model. Our child(ren) learns how to communicate by carefully watching us communicate. Therefore we should speak to them and other people in a respectful way. It passes a powerful message about positive communication to your kids. Have a blessed week

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