Another important thing we as parents should work on is Relating with our children​. Having a good and steady relationship with your child(ren) makes parenting much more easier. 
Relationship building comes in progression from baby, to toddler, to teen, to adult. You dont earn it over night like it is said “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. We don’t have to wait until our children become adults before we start having good relationship with them. There will be time when you will not be able to relate with your child the way you would love to.
You can start building your relationship when your baby is conceived and your pattern changes as the child grows. If we keep improving on our relationship with our children, they will learn over time to build love, trust, confident and security in you as their parents. I remembered growing up, my father wasn’t approachable, was harsh, beat to inflict injury on me and my siblings when we miss it. I can go on and on with my description of my dad. Gradually we started withdrawing from him, we couldn’t discuss our fears and challenges or talked about how we felt. Our talk with him was most times very brief. If he is around in the sitting room, we all stay in the kitchen. I envied friends whose relationship with their father was intact. Can somebody relate to that? 
Some of us parents had it worst while some had a very beautiful relationship growing up. Whatever our experiences…we should make effort to make our relationship with our own children better. Children are humans and they have feelings too regardless of their age. What a child goes through in his childhood has a significant impact on the kind of person he/she grows up to be.
For example, when you as a parent always spank your child each time he/she messes up, when he/she comes close to you for attention and cuddling, you push away ”am busy or not now” You become too harsh and strict on everything even with your love. It will make your relationship with your​ child to gradually drift  away. The wrong experiences can result in imprinting negative responses into your child.
Make yourselves very approachable to your children. Be friendly, communicate and create a caring environment of love, trust and respect.
Yours truly,
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