5. Competition: Siblings are naturally competitive and this competitive attitude extends to their academics and sports etc. Sibling rivalry can quickly develop if children are good at the same activity. There would be a constant race to impress their parents by proving superiority. It can quickly turn ugly where a child wins a prize or is singled out for commendation and his brother or sister attempts to get back at him because they feel outdone.
6. Television Remote: Fighting for Television remote is one thing that can’t be avoided in the home. It is one of those cliche issues that begins sibling fights in different homes especially when the older one is more years older than the younger ones like 4-6 years then he or she will want to dominate. A home with one television, the urge to want a different channel at the same time arises among siblings. There is a fight if one person need is suppressed. 
7. What they see: Our kids looks up to us as their perfect role model and the way and manner we parents handle/ resolve disagreement or problems stands as a strong example for them. When they run into issues with their siblings they tend to act in same manner to solve their problems just as they have seen you do.  If your kids see you routinely shout, slam doors, and loudly argue when you have problems, they’re likely to pick up those bad habits themselves.
{“type”:”block”,”srcIndex”:1,”srcClientId”:”69567913-25c8-4fc6-9ae0-5e617e3a9fce”,”srcRootClientId”:””}8. Difference in age: the age gap between our children makes them run into each other because the younger one(s) can’t understand the older(s) one life priority and why certain choices are made.  This age gap can serve as the reason for communication barrier  between siblings and often lead to fights. 
9. Not Having Equal Treatment: This is another cause of fight between siblings. Parents sometimes are not fair with their children when it comes to various things like the amount of pocket money they get, the kind of clothes their parents buy them or even the hugs the parents give them. Whenever one gets something from their parents or relatives, no matter if the other needs it or not, he/she just has to have it. Sometimes, though ideally it shouldn’t happen but, parents favor one child over the other and that’s just another reasons for differences to arise between them.
It is our parenting responsibility to help our children to communicate their needs and wants to one another, and helping them to try to be understanding towards each other, can go a long way of handling/ addressing this particular cause of sibling rivalry.
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