When should I start correcting my child?

Correction should begin from toddler stage. It is at this stage perception is being formed as the saying goes “catch them while they are young”. When correcting a toddler, it should not necessarily involve spanking all the time, depending on what the parents believe. I spank my kids but that is when it’s extremely important  i do so and i do not spank to inflict injury on the child. I try as much as possible not to go the spanking way. Am also learning…”smiles”, we are not all perfect. 

The truth is we can’t get the best of any child if you constantly spank the child. Correcting doesn’t also mean being tough on the toddler to pass across a message. It does not work that way. I have seen parents in the process on being tough they create fear in their toddlers. Toddlers under wrong correcting atmosphere (always spanking, shouting, ruthlessly pushing the child to a corner etc) mostly end up being timid and rebellious. 

A child will throw a ball at another kid or at his mum because he is upset and you will hear comments like “he/she is just a kid/baby” , “he/she doesn’t know anything”. Hello!… every child is perfectly aware of his/her actions. Every action taken is right and proper to him until he is being told otherwise. It is our duty as parents to teach him/her what is right and wrong through correction.  It is amazing how our kids pick habits and you will stop to ask yourself how, when, where he/she learnt that. It just simply means that they are highly intelligent and they learn very fast from their environment, what they watch, see, hear etc.

From age one , parents should pay attention to what their kids are exhibiting. Children learn and picks things very fast. We verbally teach, remind/reprimand for things that are dangerous, inappropriate, dishonest etc.

Inconsistency and lack of discipline create confused and rootless children who will test their parents constantly to find out what the world is all about. This is why parents who put in more effort everyday to provide consistent boundaries to their children, will and eventually end up with better behaved kids.
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