One of the attribute of love is correction. We can’t close our eyes to our children wrong doing under the umbrella of love. I believe if you love your child then you should correct the child.

Some parents give negative respond when other people correct their child(ren) there is a proverb in Yoruba(a language spoken in Nigeria) that says, “one person gives birth to a child but millions of people help in training that child”. Correction is not done only by the people we know and respect but by people who have measurable success in any area you want to improve in, and provides you with a road map to navigate your life. What you Don’t see others can see it.
Refusing to take the time to correct/discipline our children is evidence of lack of love in our heart.Rick Warren
Correction is one thing that does not go down well with most adults likewise children. People who don’t heed correction, have blind spots that can eventually destroy them. It is our responsibility as parents to help our child(ren) become self-reliant, respectful, content and self-controlled.
If your child for example bullies another child or forcefully takes another kid’s belonging, what will you do as a parent? Would you say he is just a little boy or would you correct immediately what your child has done? I would say, correct immediately by asking him to apologize and return what he took forcefully from the other kid. That way you are teaching him to respect people and not to go after other people’s things. Correction can not be left to chance or you say to yourself I would correct it another day. It has to be now.
My son would cry over things that are not his and I would tell him is not for you so don’t cry over it meanwhile I will try channel his attention into something else. I didn’t expect him to get d message instantly he was just 2years, i say d same thing each time he does that until he gets d message. It doesn’t mean i have achieved success in that area. It only means i have gotten an headway with him because there is a tendency that he could repeat it. Don’t forget that he is still a growing kid and will assimilate information gradually until he fully understand the message. It is worth trying something a couple of times before moving on, especially since kids really respond to consistency.
Whatever your child’s age, it’s important to be consistent when it comes to discipline. If parents don’t stick to the rules and consequences they set up, their kids aren’t likely to either. We should also try to teach our children say “Thank you for correcting me and helping me be a better person.” after being corrected. it’s not too late to start.
When we correct our children we bear in mind that you’re trying to create a new human with a sense of right and wrong therefore violence or dangerous behavior like experimenting with the stove or a sibling’s eyes or hitting the head of another child with an object, fighting should not be encouraged.

Every growing child believes they are in the right always and the tendency to be selfish is in every child. It is our duty as parents to redefined their point of view and what they desire. Your responsibility as a parent is to help your child become self-reliant, respectful, and self-controlled.
Through discipline your child learns that some kind of behavior are acceptable and others are not. Setting boundaries for children’s behavior helps them to learn how to behave in society.
Yours Truly,
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