It is the responsibility of both parents to correct their child(ren). It is something neither parents should shy away from. Both parents must have an agreement on how they want to correct their children. Considering that both parents are two people coming from difference value system, ideology, culture etc to make a home.
There should be a standing agreement between both individual on how they want to raise their children. When either spouse correct the child wrong doing/habits alone, it gives the child the platform to have a  favorite parent. You hear them make comments like this “i prefer my dad to my mum”. “My dad allow us to do whatever I like but my mum is the police”. When there is unity of judgment between both parents, it passes proper message to the child and makes correction easy.
Some of us parents sometimes make the error of correcting our spouse in front of the children simply because he or she went over board with the method of correction. In such case  It gives the child leverage to do more disobeying act. For instances, A mother asked her son four times to stop playing football in the living room but he didn’t respond to what his mum was saying. In annoyance the mother gave him a good spank. The boy cry got the father attention and he said to his wife, why would you spank him over a small thing in the presence of the boy. It is important to show support and stand by your spouse. You can latter  do your correction when you are both alone.
Correction is inevitable in the upbringing of a child which we must start at a very early age (from toddler stage). Failure to correct our children when the need arise causes more harm than good in most cases.
Proverb 19: 18 says, “correct your children while there is still hope, do not allow them destroys themselves”. If we don’t correct our children and teach them the right way to behave and to think, simply means that  we are willing to participate in their destruction.
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