Giving quality time helps us to build a bond for a better relationship.  My son will always look forward to his dad’s arrival because of the special moment they spend together watching his favorite cartoon, belly and chest drumming (lol) even do a dance together. He loves it! 
Each time I try to interfere by taking his dad attention, you hear him say to me ”mommy go” in other words don’t disturb dad and son bonding moments. Its special…
A positive parent-child relationship provides the base for a child to develop a healthy respect and regard for self and for others.
Time spent at the dinning table; on your way to church or to a super market; driving them to school, all these may have its impact but really never enough… Try to plan time to talk and play with them one on one and with the whole family on a regular basis. If u are a single parent or a parent with only child, you should occasionally invite family or friends over to play.
How to create time? 
Creating of time is of high necessity in knowing our child no matter how little. Even a few minutes can go a long way… There are different ways for time creation. These are a few tips among others;
  • Include the time you want to spend with you child(ren) in your plans: 
  • One-on-one: when you have more than one child, a one on one bonding is good. You can get him/her to talk to you. you will be surprise by what you will hear . Make it a date for two. While dad is taking Ben out to the movies, mum is taking Micah n Joy for shopping. You make it a turn by turn event.
  • Don’t overload your day with activities/ house chores that end-up wearing you out at the end of the day or making you use up every free time in other to finish up. Leaving you with no time to bond with your kids.
  • Play together it could be indoor or outdoor- play his or her favorite game or even teach them those games you played while growing up that they know nothing about. It’s interesting and funny when I heard the kinds of games my mum played while she was going up. Ensure that your games are age appropriate.
  • Include them in your day to do list: you can ask one or two of them to join you in laundry, or even help in the cooking preparation Or even ask them to join you in washing the car, or going to Gym.( for the older children). This provides them with opportunities to learn and to be heard.
  • Go for a walk or a drive or a picnic. It gives you and child(ren) enough time to connect.
  • Off all gadget- when you schedule time out for your child, ensure that your eradicate every form of distraction e.g mobile phone, TV e.t.c
  • Make a craft if you can. Make it as simple as possible. I remember making a boat from a sheet of paper.
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