Morals differ across culture and religion, nevertheless, moral teachings are generally acceptable. Teaching values to our children is the process by which you help them develop their moral compasses. I am of the opinion that whatever morals or values we want to teach our children must first start from us (Parents). 
Teaching your child by example isn’t about being a perfect parent, it’s about showing or modelling healthy choices and good behavior. We teach morals early to our children from their toddlers stage. Children learn values by observing what you do and draw conclusion whether good or bad. 
The moment my son became a year old and could understand me when I ask him to bring something for me…I say thank you for every little thing he does for me. Now my son can say thank you for every little thing you do for him before he is two years old. Sometimes he forgets to say thank you then I remind him to say it. I believe that is catching them young. My son learning to say thank you started with me first. It is Every parents desires to raise a polite child. Who can say “thank you” “please” after all your child’s behavior reflects on you.
Understanding the basic of good manners as parents helps us to teach our children manners. A mother/father who does not have good moral values can’t give good morals values to her kids. It is the fact of life. 
True parenting is a two way thing. it is being right so that your children can be right.  We can’t give out what we are not. What they learn from you will affect how they see the world and behave as adult.
Morals is an area where there can be no compromise, make it your goal to behave in a moral fashion at all times. “If you can’t do so, you certainly can’t expect your children to’’ Dr. Thomas Plante (Professor at Santa Clara University)
Thou achieving this goal  is not a day’s job, it is the greatest challenge most parents face.  Morals are complex and a concept that is often difficult for children to grasp. It takes time and dedication. It is a step by step process until we achieve our set goals. It is our duty as parents to constantly teach morals to our children to help transform them into functional adults in the society not to forget that these children look up to us as their role models because we are their first point of contact. Showing your children how good manners affect others can have a great influence on them.
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