It is our parental responsibilities to our children  to love them, nurture, encourage, support, control, correct, discipline, instruct, and provide basic needs of life. As they grow older, how we carry out this responsibilities changes from time to time.

It then gets to a point/stage in our children’s life when we have to know when to draw the line as parents. This can be very uncomfortable for some because they have spent years of instructing, correcting, training and providing, which has become the naturally mode of interaction with the children. 

We need to always remind ourselves that our children won’t be kids for ever, they will eventually grow up into an adult. This is why it’s very important we try as much as possible to  bring them up in a way that we will have no regrets that we parented them. 

It is your duty as mom and dad  to equip your children with all they will need to be happy, make responsible decisions, grow to be mature and have a good sense of purpose in other to stand out. When that time comes, when your child will tell you, “Hello! Am 18“, You would know you have played your part.  

At age 18 is when a child has the inner feelings of “am an adult now“. At this age they want freedom to live life and to make their own decisions. They also don’t want to be controlled. I felt that way too, unfortunately I was still in secondary school when I turned 18. So tell me, how do i want to tell my parents I want to move out to my own place. Some of us can relate to that. Very few of us leave secondary school at 17 years. A lot of us finished between 18-22 years in my days. But this days you would see more of 14-17 years going out of secondary school.

We get the privileged of leaving our homes when we gain admission into higher institution. Aside that, regardless your age, as long as you are still under your “Nigerian” parents roof, they pay your bills, feed and cloth you, you remain a child in their eyes. It goes so bad that even at thirties they still want to control your life (God help us). 

To a point, I feel not having a good and working economy system is also a contributing factor. Age 18 comes with certain rights like right to vote, right to a drivers license, get married, buy a house. He can also go to jail, get sued, right to own an apartment etc. At this stage parents become all sentimental when they realize that they will no longer be parenting in the way they are used to in the last 17 years which is natural. At this point, full responsibility for the actions and choices our children make is solely theirs. We can only act as advisers.

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