There are lots of tips that can help us as parents improve communication with our children but would consider few of them. 

1. Most of us parents don’t give our children the time to talk or even express themselves. We tend to cut them off in the middle of their statement because we feel they are taking too much time or there is no sense in what they intend to say.  we even sometimes put words in their mouth because we assume we already know the next thing they want to say just for us to end the conversation. some of us don’t even wait for people to finish a sentence before we chime in with what we have to say. We should learn to give our child(ren) time to process what they want to say. It will help prevent or diminish stuttering in them.
2. Understanding your child communication style help you to know when and how to talk. Since some of our children are outspoken while some are on the quite side, who may need a lot of encouragement and positive feedback to get talking.
3. Listen, be active in listening when you talk to your child. Give your full attention when having conversation with your child. Also have an eye to eye contact to show that you are fully interested in what they are saying to you.Later on, you might even bring up part of your conversation to show your child(ren) that you remember what he or she said.
4. Let them express how they feel whether there is sense in what they are saying or not.Let your child talk about whatever interests him/her and talk about what interest you too. Whether it’s sport, music or cooking, sharing the things that make you happy as parents is also important.
5. We should learn to manage our emotions as parents when communicating with our kids. I have experience moments when parents transfer aggression on their kids either through wrong words or spanking or even shouting at them.. When we feel stressed or upset we shouldn’t allow it get in the way. Its better we get our cool before we attempt communication. It never easy to erase wrong words or experience in the mind of children.
6.Turn off the TV set, drop newspaper, off your laptop, don’t answer a call when your child(ren) wants to converse or has an important thing to say to you.
7. Make your conversation private unless a third party is extremely needed.
8. As a parent, you’ll probably come across moments where you need to make sure your child listens and understands what you’re telling them. Lecturing and nagging won’t help you break through to your child any faster. Hearing your child out rather than accusing the child of what he did or didn’t do and carefully explaining how you feel to the child takes away argument which in turn improve communication.
9. Reinforce that you’re there for them . Let your kids know that they can talk to you about anything and everything.
10. As parents, we shouldn’t put our child(ren) in an uncomfortable situation that they are not ready for or publicly embarrass them in front of others. It will only lead to resentment and hostility.
11. Prompt your child to tell you how he feels about things – for example, ‘It sounds like you felt left out when Felix wanted to play with those other kids at lunch’. Be prepared to get this wrong, and ask him to help you understand.
12. Parents should learn to praise/ appreciate their children for a good deed. Praising your child motivates them to behave well and to likely behave that same way again.


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