Raising a well-behaved child is one of the challenges we face as parents. Using the right and effective method in correcting our toddlers is important. This brings us to the question, “How do I correct a toddler?”

Correction style or method changes as our kids advance in age and their ability to reason and understand grows and changes. Therefore, there is no laid down rules/principles on how to correct our toddlers because of individual differences . 

we will consider guideline to help us:

  • Toddlers correction should be brief and immediate;  a lot of times out of annoyance we say so many words to our toddlers as if we are talking to an adults. Too many words will only leave a toddler more confused.

  • We should also be calm and consistent in our speech. For some of us moms, it is tempting to jump right into consequences when our toddlers don’t comply while some moms just ignore their behavior like they really don’t care, or distract them by pretending they didn’t see what happened. We don’t ignore our kids wrong behavior hoping that it will go away and we expect them to have a proper behavior. Toddler stage is the foundation to how our children’s turn out.

  • We stop – connect(eye contact) – correct – instruct. For example, Nathan picks a ball from his school reception and threw it outside. You should pick him up and say” look at mom’s eyes and say when you pick a ball from your school, you don’t throw it out , you put it in the school basket. You then put him down,  walk him outside to pick the ball, take him to where the basket is and then ask him to put it inside by himself. By so doing, immediate correction has taken place followed by instruction on what to do. 
Another Scenario, let say your son/daughter hits another kid on the head, or forcefully take another kid’s toy and smashed it or took someone’s snack and started eating it. We don’t just spank or pretend like we didn’t see it. We can undo their wrongs by showing them how to do it right.

  • We keep doing it over and over again until our toddlers get the message and improve…Consistency is the key! The more a toddler gets corrected over an action or attitude, the better he or she gets in doing what is right and acceptable.

Feel free to share your comments and experiences in the comment section, it could help another reader. 😍

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