Respecting privacy: I remember visiting a friend and another friend of hers came over with her kids. Before we knew it, they were all over the house, her bedroom, her children bedroom. It is good to teach our children to know boundaries and respect privacy at home. It is said that charity begins at home. Let them learn to Knock on closed doors and wait for a response before entering. When they go outside the house, they will behave properly. It is involve when you are having an adult conversation with a friend or anyone, let your children excuse you. 

Learn to say excuse me: If you bump into someone, immediately say “excuse me.”when they burp, sneeze or cough, they should say excuse me. Also teach them to cover their mouth when the yawn. They should also learn not to pick their nose in public. I was carried away picking my nose one day, only for me to turn and boom! My son was staring at me. For how long i can’t say…i can say that i’m still seriously working on stopping him from picking his nose. It is not that teaching our children this manners is trying to raise a perfect child. No! It doesn’t stop them from being children. It is helping them to be polite in public. 

I came across this mom’s experience/responses to the use of please and thank you online:

Great post. I have to agree with “The Mommy”, I plan on teaching my kids restaurant manners. Some parents let their kids climb all over the table & chairs. I love playing peek-a-boo with other kids before my food arrives, but some keep staring, awkward. hahaha! Also I plan on teaching my kids to walk in stores & stay close to me. Yesterday a kid ran into me & almost knocked me over. His mom just called him back over to her. No sorry or reprimand.

Excellent post! I would add please and thank you as well. It has always been very important to me to teach my children good manners at home and out of the home. Working as a waitress for a couple of years really made me want to be a good mother and influence. I couldn’t believe how people allowed their children to run all over unsupervised, completely trash an area (not just restaurants, where food is sometimes difficult to manage), and to yell and scream, even in the library. I have certainly had my share of challenges raising my four children, but manners can be taught easily if you make them a priority. 
As a parent, you simply have to make the decision that manners are important and to emphasize them wherever you go. Children also learn from example, so our opportunities to lead and teach are continual. Thank you for the lovely article.

Teaching good manners is vital and rest on every mum and dad.
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