I was enjoying the gift of nature one beautiful Sunday afternoon at the balcony of my flat. Suddenly, a loud sound got to me from my living room….off i rushed into the house. I saw my window curtain rails on the floor. Oh my goodness! I remembered my husband asking our 5 year old son not to  play around the curtain few days ago. Actually, he has asked him several times  to stop playing around the curtains. I was going to give him a little spanking I said to myself. I was so upset but i heard him asking his granny to please beg  me not to spank him. Well, I fell for it at granny’s request. I did not spank him and I also told a lie on his behalf when his dad returned, saying the rail fell on its own (he’s just finding out the truth, although he wasn’t quick to believe my story).

At that moment I knew I made a  wrong decision….especially when your trying to teach your child to always say the truth. Some of us can relate to this. Imagine many other things we had to hide from our spouse because we want to protect our children from being disciplined or taking responsibility for their actions all for the sake of love. There is always consequences when we compromise on our moral standards to protect our children from being corrected or face certain realities or take responsibility for their actions. When it comes to teaching our children values, age is not a limitation. I had to call him aside to explain myself to him, I made him know it was wrong for me to tell his daddy a lie that i did it because i didn’t want him to be spanked. Also made him realize I won’t do it again that he should learn to stay away from the curtain rails when playing. And he said, “okay mummy” . After that moment, he stopped playing around the curtain rail to my surprise.

It just implied that he understood what i did. Oh, how i grooved!!! If we think our children are clueless of what we are saying or doing around them, we better think again. When we tell a lie for their sake or cover their mistakes or take the blame for them, do we continue on that path or do we take a stand not to repeat same mistake all over again? I am not a perfect mom. I have made several errors along the line but I am not too proud/stubborn to recognized my mistake and I fixed it. What we do with the errors we make, is what makes the difference in the lives of our children. Children will expect you to keep protecting them even when they know they are wrong especially when they realize you will always cover up for  them. They are also more confident when they know who is in charge and what to expect. So we have to be  consistence with our teachings. Protecting our children or bending rules sometimes for their sake is bond to happen, we only need to ask ourselves if the choices or decisions we make for their sake are helping them to be better persons or worst. Love for our children can  make us go the extra miles just to make them happy.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

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