Just remember that toddlers’ behaviour is unpredictable. Although they stopped in their tracks the last time you said ‘no’, does not mean they will stop every time.

Explain how to follow the rules: Most times we just shout at our toddlers when they do something wrong and when we want to correct them.  Instead of shouting or saying “stop hitting or come and put it here”, you can suggest what to do by showing them how to do it in other to make play go smoothly.
Learn To Take No: “No” is a short word toddlers enjoy saying a lot. So don’t over react when your toddler says No. Instead, calmly repeat your request/distract him/her or make a game out of your request. Your child is more likely to do what you want if you make an activity fun. You can’t keep an uptight face all the time with a toddler and expect positive response. We should learn and try to always lighten the mood. 

Offer Choices When Possible: Encourage your child’s independence by allowing him/her pick a pair of pyjamas or a bed time story or a juice. It makes them happy.

Stick To A Schedule: Keep a daily routine so that your child will know what to expect.

Discipline consistently: We should ensure to respond to each wrong behaviour the same way each time it occurs. For example, your child bites, u bite him back, another time. Your child bite, you give him serious spanking that is inconsistency. When your response is predictable, it helps your child to understand the pattern and what to expect from mommy or daddy if he/she bites. Eventually it will sink in that if he misbehaves, there will be consequences.

Encourage Communication: It is very good if we give our toddlers the room to express themselves. Start simple conversation that they can respond to like asking questions. You would be amazed to know that they understand what your saying. Remind your child to use words to express his/her feelings. If a child isn’t speaking yet consider teaching him/her baby sign language to avoid frustration. We also should learn to study our toddlers. It reduces getting frustrated. A parent once said that she doesn’t know what gets their toddler child attention or what she can do to make the child sit put. 

Set Clear Limits: Respond immediately whenever your toddler behave wrongly. Remove him/her from the situation for a brief time-out (just a minute or two is enough). This gives him/her time to cool down, and after a while she will connect her behaviour with the consequence and figure out that if she hits or bites, she ends up out of the action.

Enforce Consequences:  We cant get a 100% well behaved toddlers. At some points your toddler will break the rules. We can ignore minor display of anger such as crying but if your child hits, kicks, screams, throw his/ her self on the floor for a prolonged period. It is our duty to remove him/her from the situation. 

Toddlers stage is a phase that will pass… Allow them to be little and be themselves and we should learn to enjoy the moment.
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