Parents need to be fully aware that it is a normal thing for a  toddler to have temper tantrum and there  are ways to reduce its frequency and how long it last. Thou having a toddler throw tantrum can be frustrating but there are things we can do to deal with it.

– try to understand the cause of tantrum.

– Don’t try to make the child reason or shout or beat the child. It will only worsen it.

– Find ways to stop the tantrumYou can find a way to distract the child before the tantrum gets worse either with something that you know would interest him/her. Pull out one of the items and say, “Look what I have here! Would you like to play with it?” If they nod i acceptance then hand it to them. If they shake their head in refusal, try a different item. 
You can also try to make fun out of it by either tickling the child or making a funny face just to get the child to laugh.

-Don’t give in.  We easily give in when our child is throwing a tantrum by giving them what he/she wants even when we know it is not right for them, especially if you are in a public place and feeling embarrassed. However the case maybe, you should avoid giving in no matter how embarrassed or frustrated you feel.  Giving in teaches your child that a tantrum gets them what they want, which means that the next time you tell them they can’t have something they want, they’ll use this technique again.

 –Teach the toddler healthy ways to express their emotions.
*Avoid situation that might trigger unwanted behavior: Don’t give your toddlers things that are too advanced for him/her to play with, avoid outings that will make the child sits for too long. Toddlers are likely to act-up when they are tired, hungry, sick or in an unfamiliar settings

*Pick your battle: Know when to say No and when to say Yes. Saying No to everything is likely to get the child frustrated. We should learn to allow them have their ways once in a while.

*Know your child limits: They can misbehave when they don’t understand and can’t do what you are asking of them.
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