The toddler stage is a stage of consistent learning for them. This is when  they learn to control impulses, bodily functions and behavior. There are times that the ability to maintain self control ceases resulting into tantrums, crying, screaming etc we can’t totally avoid this display of unpleasant behaviour in toddlers but we can minimize their occurrence. 

Some degree of hitting and biting  is completely normal for a toddler says Nadine Block, founder of the Center for Effective Discipline in Columbus, Ohio. That doesn’t mean you should ignore it.  Make sure your toddler knows that aggressive, screaming, fighting etc behavior is unacceptable, and show him/her other ways to express his/her feelings.

Improving a toddler behavior include:

*Prioritize Rules: It is our duty as parents to child proof our homes by eliminating some temptations of kids touching things that can cause them arm or going to areas we don’t want them to get to. We can’t keep a cup of hot water on the table and expect a toddler not to go there. When it is in their nature to be inquisitive about things and they love to touch. We should keep away from them what we don’t want them to touch.

*Prevent tantrums: Parents need to be fully aware that it is a normal thing for a  toddler to have temper tantrum and there  are ways to reduce its frequency and how long the tantrum last.

Temper tantrums are common among toddlers because they have the cognitive skills to know what they want, but their communication skills make it difficult to express that. Also, they don’t have the coping skills to deal with negative emotions so throwing a tantrum is sometimes the most satisfying option for them. 

To be continued…
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