Often times we go into marriage without asking ourselves certain questions. And when it comes to parenting we most time forget to ask ourselves “what kind of mother or father do I want to be? or what kind of home do I want to build for my children”. 

Having a clear definition to this questions helps us in the kind of home environment we provide for our children and the kind of mom or dad we turn out to be. Nobody told me marriage will be sweet and smooth down the lane therefore “marriage is not a bed of roses” unlike the saying goes.

Every marriage is bound to have its own  low moments/challenges like disagreement, arguments, financial challenge etc. When this occurs, knowing how to manage it without putting our children in the middle heavily rest on us the parents. We need to learn how to keep our personal issues away from our children if we want to raise children who are balanced physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically.

It is very vital if we want to have a good family relationship to avoid creating any negative impression in front of our children because it does not only affect their now but also their future and how they view life.

Our children have high expectations from us parents, it will be unfair on our part if we dash their hopes. The moment you make a decision to be a parent, from that moment the word “me” dies. Am not saying having children makes you stop living or not have a life.  It simply means that you must always put the interest and well being of your children first. It is the responsibility of both parents to see that their children are properly brought up.

How we handles our matters as parents give children the skills they need to build healthy relationships of their own.

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