There are certain life occurrence that we most times do not have control over like loss of a child, spouse, parents, siblings, friends, job, finance, business etc. Right now the whole world is experiencing a pandemic called Covid-19. A terrible and unexpected blow on the continent. It is true that Life can indeed be unpredictable.

As a result of this pandemic, many have lost so much which has left some of us in shock, pain,  depression and tears. Moments like this can be very devastating and not many of us have the strength to overcome such emotions quickly. How we handle such hurts right now especially in the family is important because of our children. It is not the time to pass negativity and fear into the air neither is it the time to pass blame on any one. 

We can not keep the whole world safe right now but as parents its our sole responsibility to keep our children safe and to protect them from the negative energy out there caused by this virus. Allowing the hurt and the news of what is happening in various countries affect us, at the end we lose our peace. It will only make our children suffer more by seeing us in such emotional melt down. This will make them unhappy and panic.

It is important to be their role model (read: parental responsibilities are numerous we need to be careful what we do around our kids). They look up to us and they see us as their superheros (just like my son calls my husband). Let’s not disappoint them…i know it’s not easy to bottle up a lot and still put up a bold front.

Our children need to learn that they can face and over come whatever life throws at them unexpectedly because of how they see us respond to Covid 19. It is compulsorily making our children and us stay at home. This is a little awkward for children and some parents who work round the clock and hardly spend time with their children. It’s a phase that will pass but how soon? Many of us do not have the answer but we can make the most of the opportunity to be closer to our children and to know them better by spending time with them
From this lock down (partial or total) we can help:
Teach our children  how to keep safe by being hygienic
The importance of washing the hands and sanitizing it. The importance of social distancing (why they have to keep away from school, friends, family members, having fun outside the house etc). It is not an easy protocol to follow but at the end your children and mine will learn to appreciate cleanliness. 

Build the family bond. In this pandemic a lot of people round the globe lost their loved ones. Live each moment with our family like its the last. Cherish the time spend together. Do what you have not done with your kids in a very long time…help with school work, play favorite games, help reorganize their rooms, cook together etc.

Learn new thing: Some of us patents do not even know our kids(likes and dislikes; fears and strength) , how they respond to certain things, what their challenges are; because we do not have the time. It is time to either learn afresh or add to our knowledge about our kids. 

Support each other At the end, the effect of this pandemic will affect a lot of us in the long run in so many ways. It might linger on our minds for a long time but supporting each other through the pain,  being there for one another and working together as a family will help us leave each day one step at a time.

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Photo by Ann Danilina on Unsplash

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