Passion is unique to each individual. That’s what makes us different from each other. It is the greatest gift of self discovery and a source of interest and excitement. Passion is a strong feeling of enthusiasm/excitement for something or about doing something…Merriam-Webster 

I have noticed my three year old child having interest in playing keyboard and jazz drum. I have also seen how he responds when he hears good musical sound. He also love dancing and loves to write yeah! am so expectant. Am already dreaming of how to help him in those areas once I am able to recognize what he has passion for the most. 

As our children grow and get mature they will start showing interest in many different things and with time they will start to give more attention to certain things that really interest them, some of which will end up becoming a life dreams for them. When we have observed and recognized what our child(ren) has passion for, it is then our responsibility as parents to guide them through developing these passions starts.

Parents inability to sometimes recognize the gifts in their children, kills it in them before it speaks. When we are able to recognize their passion, the “negative” adult inside of us makes us see our children dream as unrealistic. We need to ask ourselves, “What kind of future do we want for our children? If we can’t dream for ourselves as parents then we can’t dream for our children.

I was watching a program on dstv called  “the kids voice” a talent show for kids. I was so amazed and still amaze on how talent was made to speak from ages between 6-15 years old kids.  I saw parents who encouraged and support the gift of heir children. Its so beautiful! I saw parents who empowered their children’s dreams. This wasn’t done because of the above program, they were parents who saw a gift in their children and gave their support wholeheartedly with the mindset that it will speak for them someday.

In the world of a child nothing is impossible and i feel that’s the way it should be. If our goal as parents is to help our children achieve their dreams, then we should give them our support. They see us as their role models, inspiration and motivators. Therefore, if they believe in themselves and their dreams, we should likewise do the same and allow them to pursue their interests as well. If you deny your children’s dreams, or their right to dream, you are undermining their chances of achievement.

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