If given the opportunity, many of us will have one, two or more things we would like to change or do differently. Likewise we have people who are stuck with jobs, careers and professions they don’t like or enjoy. Yet, they do it anyway to make ends meet.
Some of us has gifting or talents we don’t even know we have. So many of us grew up doing what we don’t have passion for and at some point in our lives. We find a lot of us doing same thing or facing same direction.
In our days, deciding what we will become in life rest heavily on our parents, guardians, aunties or uncles. They tell us what they want us to study, which university they want us to attend. When given the platform to heir your view if they don’t believe in it, then it is not good enough. Some will even want you to marry their choice spouse for you because of family name and prestige. If you have a talent to sing, dance or draw, to them you don’t know what you want for your life. We still have parents who decide their children’s faith. Pathetic!
I remember how beautifully my younger brother could draw when we were younger. I used to give him my formed story book to draw on them for me. One thing our mom couldn’t stand was the fact that my brother always ask for pen every two days and he can draw on anything he sees. *laughing* Am not even sure he still got the talent. If only we had supportive parents am sure he would have been the greatest artist.*smile*
When our children are growing up we find them dabbling into various gifting or talent that is, if we pay attention. As they grow older there is a clearer picture of what they have more passion for. As parents we need to know how to help them channel these gifting rightly. 
Most time we believe that their dreams are unrealistic because we lack knowledge about what they want to do and we also don’t know how to help them.
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