Observation is another key to understanding young children and it’s a very important tool in knowing more about them individually. It is often seen as one of the most simple, yet effective methods of assessing young children as they develop.

When you regularly observe and carefully analyze their behavior and personality traits, it can help us know how to build a stronger relationship with each child and connect with them in a more meaningful way. Observation helps us to discover a pattern of behavior that may not be right that needs our attention as parents.

Observation also helps us in understanding each child’s uniqueness. Children uniqueness and complexity  are sometimes difficult to understand. The act of observation helps as parents to get some insight  into what they(children) are thinking.  As a result you would be able to engage your child in conversations that have the potential to expand their learning. 

Observation is about watching your children’s actions, expressions, likes, dislikes, gestures and behaviour, strength and weakness and listen to what they say and how they  interact. We can also join their play or conversations and ask questions and watch how they respond. It gives us a clear understanding of who they are as he/she grows.

You can just sit together sometimes and silently observe them or you can get busy and still observe them while they play without them noticing. That way it helps them not to act artificial. It will give you more insight on their personality.

Observation is not a yardstick to make comparison between our kids or with other children in an unhealthy manner. it is for us to know and understand our children deeply base on their uniqueness, so that we can flow as parents  with their current stage.
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