The teen years are a time of transition from childhood into adulthood. Your child female/male is experiencing some body changes, so they are likely to get uncomfortable. For example: menstruation for the girl child, breast development, increase in hip size, armpit air etc. During these times lots of emotion is involved . 

It is in our parental nature to be all protective of our kids and even if we want to, we can’t out rightly prevent our teenagers from peer pressure. We can’t get them locked up all their lives or stop them from going to school, or on school field trips, or stop them from mingling with their peers. But we can help them by grooming them into making the right decisions/choices with confidence when the moment comes. Which we can do by first; 

Reaffirming your love: As parents, how many times or how regularly do you tell your children you love them? I say it often. To be honest, I never heard my father say to me I love you. Never did…and am a mother now yet still hoping. I love you is one short sentence that is so difficult for some parents to say especially in my part of the world. In my growing up days, 90% of us will agree they never heard their parents say to them “I love you”.

Children love to hear you say you love them. It is said that women are moved by what they hear and our teenage daughters are not exception. They want you to give them attention, remember their birthday, buy them gifts, call to check on them and tell them you love them especially from their daddy.  If they don’t get it at home, there is every tendency to look for it outside the home. It is said that daughters are more closer to their father but am one exception.

When i was sixteen years old,  I had an intimate relationship with a guy because some of my friends had and because I needed someone to tell me “I love you”. I needed to be treated special on my birthdays and to know that I am important to someone. I didn’t get that from my parents especially my dad. After two years my boyfriend asked me for sex. I had to end the relationship because it was more than I bargained for. I wasn’t ready and my education was my main goal. 

A parents love is more important to a child than any wealth, education or material things. It is important we say and show our kids how much we love them and how much they mean to us with your words, actions, care, attention, time, etc.  How a child decides to feel about himself or herself depends largely on how their parents react toward them. To have a mental positive attitude they must never lack love.

Understanding your child’s love language (what appeal to them) helps us to connect to them through it.

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