Communicating your love to your child is the single most important thing you can do to help them during their teens, that way they are reassured of your love for them. Who doesn’t enjoy hearing his or her partner say I love you. Likewise every little girl or boy wants to be loved by the two most important people (mum and dad) in their lives.

Be there: Parents who are rarely present or give time for their parental role due to busy schedules; laziness or lack the desire to engage their teens, find it difficult to get through/connect to them when the need arise. As children are growing up, their curiosity increases. If we don’t make ourselves available to our child to answer their questions they will look for answers else where like the internet; ask a friend or even experiment what they have seen and heard. Your teenager desires your presence a lot even if they will never tell you. One of the things that hurt children most is when their parents aren’t there for them or when they are needed the most. No one to tell them they can make it or do things even when they don’t believe they can…(see spending time with your kids).

Proper Orientation: The teenage years are a difficult time for your teenagers. New opportunities and responsibilities are popping up for them. Most times they lack insight or experience to base their decision on. Therefore, it is our role as parents to properly orientate them about their new phase of life. Creating awareness is a better way of preparing them for some body changes among other things they should expect as time goes on. Regularly engaging them in conversations along peer pressure helps expand their mindset and to understand how they reason.

I remembered when I fell sick in primary school and some of my classmates came visiting. I was so ashamed to stand upright because among my friends I had already developed breast. I was extremely shy. Maybe if my parents had done a good job orientating me, its possible I won’t have felt that way.

Build Their Self Value: When you make your children understand their self worth, it will increase their confidence. It is all about how we make them see themselves. If children don’t feel secure in themselves, they are likely to fall into various temptations just to feel secured. Children who grow with parents who are too critical; domineering; constant harassment or always beaten, produce timid and fear-prone kids (who are likely to fall into peer pressure easily).

Damaging the self esteem of your child makes it almost impossible for them to have confidence. Even children who are strong willed end up becoming indecisive with issues. If we want to help our children build their confidence, lets give them the ground to express themselves and speak the right words to them.  Peer pressure can often revolve around the desire to conform and wanting to fit in. The more confident a teen is, the more capable they will be of resist doing something stupid/daft.

Moral Judgment:  Before our children can be able to know what is right or wrong; listen to their instinct, we need to teach them moral values early in life which will help them learn to make judgments and apply common sense (see  cultivating good morals for your child).

Keeping The Right Friends: We should encourage our teens to make friends with same mindset. When they are with friends who have same principles, attitudes and a right outlook to life, it helps them to resit peer pressure. They wouldn’t want to go the silly way.
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