Rivalry among siblings is one thing found in most homes if not every home I must say… I had my share of it too while growing up thou I wouldn’t say it was intense in my family because we have a very strict soldier dad and you dear not make a fuss when he’s around.
Seriously, no parent plans for siblings rivalry among their children but when you have two or more children then it is a common concern for almost all parents.
Sibling rivalry can be said to be a jealous, undue competition and fighting between brothers and sisters. It begins when the second child is born and continues as the number increases through out childhood, as the kids grow and compete for everything from toys to parental attention and affection, to wanting to watch a favorite carton on the T.V, wanting what the other person has etc. 
As each child grows up they get to different stages of development, it makes their needs to  evolve which can significantly affect how they relate to each other.
It is a common thing for brothers and sisters to fight and swing between adoring and detesting one other. So relax! It is not weird. Most of us parents experienced it while growing up. It might even persist into adulthood destroying the beautiful relationship that should exist among siblings because some of our parents didn’t pay attention or didn’t have enough information in handling the situation in an healthy manner. 
Siblings rivalry differ from home to home and it is said that homes with all round boys or girls can be highly competitive… So also, are homes with three, four, or more number of children, and oh! boy, that takes the fights between them to a whole new dimensional. They get divided into teams and trying to get one up on the others, involving all sorts of politics into it. It’s a mess and a nightmare for the parents as well.
Some parents are blessed to have their children become best of friends while others aren’t. Which ever your case whether light or intense. It can be walked OUT!
To be continued…
Yours truly,
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