Not all parents has the luxury of having the patients or the time for their children to sort out things among themselves. Having conflict in the home could be very frustrating and stressful for all parents, therefore,  having to watch and hear your children fight with each other can be difficult and very upsetting. If we can just be patient enough to give them the ground to sort their own arguments as long as it doesn’t involve physical fight, or violence. At the long run your children ‘s relationship will work out better and in the midst of all of it, the ability to work things with their siblings help them learn how to work as a team and to see and understand another persons point of view. 

I remembered each time I and my younger brother had a fight, we would insult each other, say all sort about our feelings, sometimes we get physical. It can go for like an hour or more 😃. We are always ready to give a word back. When we finally…I mean finally…get to our peak then there is peace. I would later sit back to think about what lead to the fight, what we said to each other.sometimes we don’t even talk to each other. Our mother doesn’t get involved but when she does its with a cane. With time we learn to relate better and today we like each other a lot. We still have issues but we had learnt a better approach.

It is often hard for parents to know how to stop the fighting (that’s where the cane comes in 😊 or even whether you should get involved at all. Some parents even make errors of taking sides with one child (not healthy). It is very vital for parents to take steps to promote peace in their household and help their kids get along better. The stricter parents, in some cases, are more effective in resolving or controlling these fights in the home (although this factor seldom has a controlling effect). 

Siblings are people you trust, confide in when there’s no one else to look out for you. Siblings are suppose to be people you know will always have your back no matter what yet The one thing that is inherent in all sibling relationships is fighting which comes verbally, some physical; some intense, some superficial.

Fighting among siblings is like this unsaid universal fact that just cannot be left out of the sibling relationship equation…Anonymous

There is no laid down rules of how these fights start, its occurrence  may vary from one sibling relationship to another and the home setting.
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