We parents often make the mistake of saying that our children are too young to be taught some certain ethics/manners. It is never too early to start teaching manners to a child. The truth is that the earlier you start the better for the child. It’s a sad fact that many children today are shockingly rude when out in a restaurant or other setting where someone serves them or helps them they can’t say “thank you”. If  kids as young as age 2- 4 should be routinely reminded to say thank you, but it’s all too common to see kids of all ages—including older kids who shouldn’t need reminder yet lacks basic manners.
Politeness is a sign of dignity not subservienceTheodore Roosevelt
There is also a Golden Rule of parenting-Be the person you want your child to be. When your child is going wrong the first thing we should do as parents is to check ourselves. We should know that children aren’t born with a built-in sense of respect for us and others. Therefore it is our obligation to teach them. It is what we teach them that they will live by. Every child is right until they are taught otherwise the difference between right and wrong. 
Teaching manners to our children is very crucial and is one of the parental responsibilities we own our children. That way we are helping them develop good social skills by showing them how to interact in a polite manner with people, and how to treat others with respect. We can use social opportunities like an holiday visit, outside the home dinner, playground etc  to instil good manners in our children that will become a habitual part of their lives into adolescence and beyond. 
Children are very intelligent and highly observant. They watch and imitate you in all you say and do. If you imitate good manners as parents, your children will follow likewise vise-visa. Children between ages of 2 to 4 can mirror/ project what the adults around them are saying. We should learn to  address our child(ren) and other children with the same good mannered phrases so that they can follow same. 
Good manners convey a sense of respect for the sensibilities of other people. it shows courtesy and empathy towards others;Therefore,  while children are allowed to be children, it is very important that we teach them to have an understanding of what it takes to be polite in public. it’s very important to teach your child basic manners like saying “please” and “thank you” , “excuse me”, “May I…” and “no, thank you” are also required in everyday life and must be mastered.
There are certain manners some parents allow to go downward slide in priority as a result of not having the time, or because they don’t see its importance. Teaching our child(ren) good manners requires a lot of patient and consistency. Time is required for them to understand how to have good manners. As we teach them and observe good manners, they will begin to have good manners too.
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