Relatives, child care providers, friends, teachers, the community, the home setting, and other aspects of the environment can play a crucial role in the behavior of your child but I would consider the home setting / environment of a child and how it affects a child’s performance since the home environment has a significant effect on the child’s learning and his/ her performance in school and also how he/she turns out to be. 
Creating a positive environment for your kids is the one thing that affect your children their entire lives, especially if you want to raise happy children. Providing the right home environment does not rest only on the mother but also on the father. I have heard fathers say that “their job is to provide money, every other stuff is the mothers job” It involves both parents working hand in glove to ensure that their children are happy and comfortable. 
When the home environment of a child is right it makes the child emotional, mentally and physically stable. I remember days when my parents gets physical, I go to school emotionally destabilized. I don’t concentrate in class each time. All that keeps playing in my subconscious mind was how my dad beats my mum. There are certain adult stuffs that should be kept away from our children environment. We would elaborate more when we get to “keep it private”.
The home  is where a child first receives love, care and attention. It is also the place where security is gained, lost, or possibly, never obtained. I heard from a friend of how his girlfriend wants to commit suicide because her parents always tell her she was a mistake. The only feedback the child got from that statement was that her parents didn’t want her. If all we provide is an abusive, insulting, hostile environment, our children will lose their self confidence and he/she would always see life from that perspective as they grow older but when children grow up in a loving, warm and positive home, they are equipped with the tools to develop into a balanced and confident person.
A positive home environment sets the tone for good  relationships your children will have in their life. It will also affects how your child(ren) communicates and relates to you. A parent-child relationship is  characterized by nurturing, acceptance and encouragement, as well as parents’ responsiveness to the child’s needs, correlates with positive attitudes, academic performance and life in general.
A healthy home environment starts with Mom and Dad’s commitment to each other, from which a more perfect love is communicated to their children. Since parents are the very first role model children has to look up to and the kind of environment we provide our children can either build them up positively  or affects them negatively. For instance, I read somewhere of how a child witness the misunderstanding of her parents and for days her parents where not communicating. She had to write a letter to her mum, asking her to forgive her dad because he didn’t intend to hurt her and also how their misunderstanding is affecting her. That child is not happy and will never concentrate in that state of mind. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children are well-fed, well-rested, happy and calm. By also creating a positive physical and mental atmosphere in the home helps prepare a child  to be ready and able to learn and to live life. Kids will have an established foundation positive self-esteem, confidence, emotional intelligence and communication skills to guide them to be balanced, happy and resilient people.
Parents who provide a warm, responsive, and supportive home environment; encourage exploration; stimulate curiosity; and provide play and learning materials accelerate their children’s intellectual capability. Some home factors are important to a child’s environment like parents responsiveness to their children physical, emotional and financial  needs discipline style, clamping down abuse and violence in the home and how involved are you  with your child(ren). 
“Children are incredibly vulnerable to rejection, ridicule, criticism and anger at home. And they deserve to grow up in an environment of safety. Acceptance and warmth.” Dr.James Dobson
Yours truly,
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