Hello, trust your weekend was fun and you were able to create time for your children. Today we are looking at building the right home environment for our children.
Environment has a role to play in the lives of our children and how they respond to us.  Children learn and grow through everyday experience and they are so vulnerable that they can easily be affected by the things many parents take for granted. For example, having an argument with your spouse in front of the children.
We need to give attention to how our children react to certain environment we put them because it has a way of affecting their learning and behavior either positively or negatively. So just as wrong environment can influence a child’s behavior, giving the right environment can also help your child behave better. The environment includes the physical things around your child, as well as where and how your child does things.
The kind of environment your child grows up in and the things he/she sees around  will also influence their early learning. This environment includes the home, school,  the neighborhood and any other areas where your child spends a considerable amount of time.
When we give our children an interesting and stimulating atmosphere it helps them to express themselves beyond your imagination. For example, if your child is showing aggressiveness towards other children at school, you may want to find out all the possible sources of their aggressive behavior by observing the environment we offered to them. Since environment sometimes triggers unwanted behavior in children it will be wise for us as parents to have a good idea of what is going on in our children’s environment.
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