Understanding a child’s psychology is very important for us parents. It helps us to know our child better by finding simple things that tell us what our child(ren) likes, dislikes; what makes them laugh or cry; what motivates or challenges them etc. Depending on how the child’s parents interact with him/her, he/she develops a good sense worth of himself/herself or He/she views herself as lacking.

Child psychology is also called child development which is the study of the psychological processes of children.
Learning about child development involves studying patterns of growth and development of our children. It is to help us as parents understand what to expect as our children grows and to optimize how they turn out.
The rate at which children grow fast both  physically and psychologically from birth to adolescence most times leave parents wondering how best to care for them at each stage. Understanding our child’s behaviors helps parents to meet the needs of their children better and improves their outcome.
Our parenting work is more than just providing the basic needs of life or giving our children comfort, it is by being there for them emotionally and giving them a sense of security. Medically, child psychology is defined as the study of the psychological characteristics of infants and children and the application of general psychological principles to infancy and childhood.
Child development may also be defined as the various changes that occur for humans which are physical, cognitive, social, and emotional — between birth and adulthood. This early changes impact us and shape who we are and who we become as adult. All humans are influenced by certain factors genetic, home, the environment they are raised etc
The bases for child psychology is gotten from series of observation from relatives, teachers, other adults, interview with the child by a psychologist etc. Apart from child psychology parents also need to understand how a child brain works which is shaped by the experiences of the child in turn determines how the child respond to different situations. 
An understanding the functionality of a child’s brain can help us as parents learn about his / her behavior; how they make their decision; social abilities e.t.c. It also help us transform negative experiences to positive ones.
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