I know handling a toddler could be very demanding and frustrating  sometimes, especially when you have highly hyperactive and inquisitive ones. Trust me, have been there.

There are times parents struggle with handling their toddlers. You hear things like, “he is just too stubborn” or “too troublesome”. When our babies are still in their infant stage, you would hear some of us parents if not all  say ” I can’t wait for him or her to start walking” with no idea of what to expect when they start walking especially with first time mums. I said so too…😄. It is a different ball game altogether when a child starts walking thou demanding yet very interesting. We should learn to enjoy all of the fun and quarks moments that come along with raising a toddler instead of complaining. We are their first contact of learning and their favorite play mate 

From my own perspective, Children between age 1-4 are referred to as toddlers. Others would say toddlers should be from the age range of 1-3 years. It all starts from age one (although some children walk before the age of one).  They learn to walk, talk, solve problem, relate to people, have mood swing, change, bursting with energy, ideas need to explore their environment and more.  They want to be independent, and yet, they are still very dependent.

We would notice that when a child starts walking, there is lots of excitement. He or she wouldn’t want to sit and would love to walk without support. Toddlers want to do things for themselves, have their own ideas about how things should happen, and use “NO” as many times as possible. That’s is why it is very important to make the environment very safe for them to move. 

To be continued…
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