In our last discussion, we talked about observing your child. Today, we will be looking at “ways to observe your child;
TAKE RECORD: If you are the kind of parents that easily forget things, it will be advisable you record your observations. For example: have a notebook or a writing pad. Determine your observation times. How regular and at what time interval you want to observe your child; as different activities produce different behavior. You can put the time and date if you wish
BE OBJECTIVE:: Don’t assume or guess your child’s feelings or what motivates​ him/her to act in a certain way. Ensure to observe and record your child’s behaviour.
GIVE IT A PERIOD. Allow the process for a week, or more depending on what you want to achieve. you can then look through your observations by yourself or with the help of a professional if the need arise.
Depending on your goals for observing your child, you can note many different behaviour​. Some of these include; frequent and types of aggression, number of social interactions or preferences for a particular type of play.
  • Watching them play helps you as parents to discover their area of interest and learn about their personality. 
  • It helps you understand their level of development, cognitive, social, physical, emotional and language skills. 
  • It helps you know what skills your child(ren) need to practice.
  • By observing your child closely over time, it may reveal patterns in her behaviour that can help explain what’s going on. 
  • It help us as parents to spot the source of a problem. 
  • When you take the time to watch your child’s behaviour carefully, it gives you an idea on how to solve issues with them and It prevents us from assuming that we know what our child wants or how he/she feels. 

Assumption closes the chances of understanding our children accurately which in return makes us make poor choices on their behalf. Asking them why they act in certain ways or why they struggle with certain task is giving them room to express their feelings which will help you know where the problem lies.

In conclusion, children are our heritage and understanding them is a key in giving them the best in life.
Yours truly,
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