The emotion of a toddler is never stable. This is why at one moment he/she is happy and in another minute the child starts crying. Even the liveliest of children can have their cranky moments. No child can be happy all the time. Parents really need to understand that and it is also important for parents to help their children develop tools and techniques for managing mood swings and stressful times.

Toddlers know what they want, but they don’t always know how to express themselves or communicate clearly to us which can sometimes be frustrating for them. They are easily overwhelmed by their emotions it can easily turn into a tantrum for them.

It is not in the nature of  toddlers to be patient, understanding or stay put in one position especially between age 1 and 2+ years. It simply means that we parents need to develop more patients and understanding otherwise we will just keep spanking and treating them unjustly out of annoyance. By the time they start communicating properly, you will be amazed and glad. Like my 2 year old son was trying to be naughty and his daddy wasn’t ready to give him that chance to have his way. The next thing we heard from him was a song…

daddy is a naughty boy, eieio! mommy knows it, daddy knows it, every body knows it, daddy is a naughty boy, eieio”.

We couldn’t hold ourselves from laughing. It was unbelievable. Life is sweet and fun with toddlers around the home and it can also get very frustrating when they get into the wrong mood.

Just as we adult something’s wake up at the wrong side of the bed, children also experience same; meaning that we all have our good and bad days. There are days my son wakes up in the morning and he is so excited to have his bath but other days he can become almost impossible to handle. Parents needs to have a constructive method on how to help themselves and toddlers start the day happy.

Everything doesn’t have to end up with a shout or spank.  It will be much more easier if we  know what they want or try to understand why they are in such a bad mood.

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